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They Spend Millions of Dollars, Your Dollars

Slick marketing has convinced many families that common household products are safe. But a growing stack of evidence from class-action lawsuits tells a different story.

From cleaners and personal care items to energy drinks, an alarming number of consumer goods contain chemicals linked to serious health issues. Manufacturers often downplay or obfuscate these risks through deceptive “green” branding and misleading claims of safety.

To add insult to injury, they use our money to promote woke, anti-God and anti-American agendas. We have had enough! You have power; it’s time to switch where you shop.

Why Patriots Shop Here:

* Access to superior, non-toxic necessities made in the U.S.A. and American-owned

* Equal or lower pricing compared to products from international big-box retailers produced overseas

* Supply-chain-proof products shipped right to your door

* Vertical- integration ensures availability even during another lockdown or if local store shelves run dry

* The good feeling of knowing your spending did not fund globalist companies who stand against Faith, Family, and freedom

* Coupons and rewards for referrals

* 100% satisfaction guaranteed

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And More!  Over 450 Products and Services

That you already use but better, safer, and often less costly. Simply switch stores and support the Parallel Economy that is fueled by patriots like you



If you are ready to join a community of Patriots to defund the woke corporations that fight Faith, Family, and Freedom, and vote with your dollars, click the link and fill out our form to learn more about the shopping club and why Patriots Shop Here.